Wind Spinners Wholesale - Beautiful Wind Chimes - Well Made 22" Wood Windchimes Deliver Rich, Full, Relaxing Tones - Best Large Wooden Wind Chime For Outdoor Patio - Music To Your Ears - Satisfaction Guarantee!

HOW PEACEFUL WIND CHIMES PUT HOMEOWNERS AT EASE Because Nature's Beautiful Sounds Should Be Enjoyed - Even At Home Hear that? Pianos playing on your patio - that is what guests guess. Actually, it's your new chimes. The clear notes and restful tones resound. You hear them in the kitchen, despite a weak breeze. What if all affordable windchimes sounded this beautiful? To People Tired Of Poorly Tuned Chimes - Enjoy Deep, Full Tones - Tuned metal chimes fill your ears with a surprisingly pleasant melody. And it's crystal clear - no clanging. - Why Durability Matters - Well made means it lasts. Here beauty actually endures - solid chimes that stay lovely and in tune. Both the silver aluminum and beech wood are specifically selected for weather beating toughness. - Beautiful Sounds, But Also Beautiful - Polished iron and rustic brown finish fit perfectly with your patio, a beautiful addition. The peaceful tones are a plus too! Why Planted Perfect? - Sturdy, reliable design - built to love and last - enjoy for years to come!- Beautiful music made to delight- Amazing customer service - gardeners for life, customers for life BONUS! ORDER NOW and for limited time get our 7 EBOOK BUNDLE: How to Prune Perfect Gardens, Starting a Veggie Garden and MORE, FREE - 85 pages to easy neighborhood envy. Backed By Planted Perfect Lifetime Guarantee Flowers die, bushes fade the Planted Perfect wind chimes are constructed for the lifelong gardener. We stand 100% behind the quality and craftsmanship of our garden products. If you are not thrilled with your chimes, please let us know and we will send you a prompt, courteous refund, no questions asked. Click Add to Cart right now to take your Backyard Experience to the Next Level! Limited Stock, Don't wait!

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