Used Gymnastics Mats For Sale - Victus Outdoors Large Black 24 X 16 Mesh Beach Bag With Zip Top, Long 12in Handles, Inside Zippered Pocket, Spring Clip, 8 Big Outside Pockets, Sand And Water Drains Away, With Bonus Zipper Tote

Your beach bag should leave sand and water where it belongs this Summer. . .Our bag is made from Durable PVC Mesh on All Sides and most importantly the Bottom, secured with quality stitching and finished edges.This means you can make trips to the beach without worrying about water, sand, and musty smells following you home. It will save you time and money because you can quickly pack up the kids toys, shake and wash them off, and get going without a mess.Because you need a mesh beach bag with a closable top...Our mesh beach bag has a Full Zippered Top to Keep Contents Inside. Strong zipper top specially designed to allow full space of bag to be used. This means you can easily put every toy or clothing needed for a day out into your bag. It will save you frustration and time from losing stuff falling out the top, and be able to pack everything into a single bag.- Mesh on All Sides and Bottom- Zippered Top- Extra Long Handles- Inside Zipper PocketClosable Zipper Pocket Inside Keeps Your Stuff SecureOur Interior Pocket is made from strong 600D Nylon, secured with a full width zipper closure. This holds your Money, Phones, Keys, without worrying about Sand and keeps your valuables Out of Sight. It will save you time and worry because you won't have to think about your valuables getting lost in the sand while enjoying the beach.Leave the short thin ribbon straps behind!Our bags' Strong handles are extra wide, a foot long to center (2 feet long total!), have hook-and-loop handles, smooth finished edges, fully stitched down to the bottom of the bag.This means you have a wide area for the bag to rest on your shoulder without worrying about the straps breaking or digging into you. It will make you more comfortable because the bag is easy to carry even when full.

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