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Don't wait! Go to top of page and press "Add to Cart" now! So you've just found the best ab roller there is. Congratulations! When your Amazon box arrives at your doorstep, rip the box right open and take your King Athletic Ab Roller out. Take a moment to marvel at the sleek, robust design of the dual wheels and the sturdy metal shaft. Put the two components together to reveal your AB Roller. It's ridiculously easy to assemble.See? We told you. Now that' you're all set, you can take it for a spin.With your knees on a soft, firm floor, roll the ab carver forward until your back is extended and straight. Then roll the ab carver back toward your body. Repeat once more. This ab carver gives you a 360° core shape-up. It elongates your spine as you roll it in every possible direction, and generates more muscle activity than regular crunches. You must be thinking what a great choice you've made, getting the King Athletic Ab Roller. We know because everyone who gets the ab carver tells how such a simple exercise machine has transformed their lives. For some it's better health, for others it is more confidence, for others is better sex life, for others it's a way to relax and blow off steam. The bottom line is everybody wins. You win.The King Athletic Ab Carver is the best ab roller you can get. We're so confident about our product's quality that you will get a full refund in case it is damaged along with a new, free ab roller. So, you know it's a risk-free investment. All you have to lose is probably a few inches around your waist. Now get the ab roller already, you deserve it.

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