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Gymnastic Rings Are you tired of replacing your wooden gym rings every few months? Are you spending as much on chalk as you do on the rings? If you are searching for a premium quality set of rings that will last as long as you do in the gym, then look no further. Garage Fit brings to you a new elite standard in Cross Training equipment. These plastic gymnastic rings are a step above the rest in appearance and support. Fashioned to resemble the rings used in influential training gyms, the quality is nothing short of excellence. Forget about slippery and bulky metal rings and train as if you're competing with the real stage feel of the plastic rings. Plastic gym rings are more than just a pretty piece of equipment. Approved for in-door and out-door use, they are as tough as your workouts. Best of all, no chalk is needed as they hold their own and yours. These rings are specifically manufactured to fit Olympic standards and take a lot of punishment. After production, each and every ring must pass a thorough inspection before shipment. If they don't pass, they don't ship. No plastic gymnastic rings are complete without an equally impressive strap. These aren't your ordinary straps with a mediocre clip. This strap is made for those individuals who show up to train, not talk. With a weight limit of over 550 pounds, they are as hardcore as your workouts. From the Muscle Up to the Front Level, there are no exercises this ring set cannot handle. - Heavy duty solid abs rings - FIG spec for comfortable grip - Straps and buckles included - Hook up in seconds - Diameter: 9" - Inside diameter: 6.75" - Ring thickness: 1.11" - Strap length: 15ft - Strap Width: 1.5" - Weight: 4 lbs - Capacity: 550 lbs

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