Skydiving Parachute For Sale - Camping Parachute Hammock For Outdoors, Free Ropes & Carabiners, Silk Double Lightweight Portable Swing Two Person Hammocks For Travel, Siesta, Backyard, Porch, Hiking, Backpacking, Beach (green)

Camping Hammock - Lightweight Portable Hammocks, Best Parachute Double Hammock For Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Beach, Yard Swing Parachute Hammock Precautions: --Please stay away from fire --Do not overexert in use process, avoid contact fracture --Avoid carrying buttons or sharp objects have damaged a hammock --Hang a hammock must be strong, the support of ride height is not more than 1 m, in case of accidentally fell off and injuries --Don't pull on the rope tied to a bed with sharp objects, to avoid damage to the rope --Before use, please check the hammock rope, tie the rope to pull the distance as short as possible --Pay attention to the hammock around the ground is flat, avoid to choose with gravel, the location of the branches and other hard objects exist (on the grass to use as far as possible) Warm Tips: --Pay attention to you and your family safety --Regularly check on both ends of a rope to prevent excessive wear --Do Not large swing back and forth, so as to avoid grinding on both ends of the rope fast break and cause unnecessary damage Hammock Specifications: --Hammock Size:106.3 in X 55.1 in (270cm X 140cm), Package Size:9.8in X 7in(25cm X 18cm) --Package Included: Stainless steel hook X 2, Hammock X 1, Professional climbing rope X 2

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