Rollout Shelves - Zero Grid Travel Space Saver Bags Compression Storage & Packing Organizers 10 Ct

WHY CHOOSE ZERO GRID? As a team of seasoned travelers we've designed products for use in our own expeditions, making uncompromising quality and lasting durability the cornerstones of our product philosophy. We consistently improve our product designs and thoroughly field test every product before it finally joins our high quality line. ADDITIONAL SPACE AND ORGANIZATION Take advantage of compression packing and save up to 80% More Space. Just pack, zip, roll, and unroll - NO vacuum required. Ideal for Travel & Home organization and storage. VERSATILE TRAVEL ACCESSORY 10 Bag Set includes: 2 Small bags (11 X 13.75 inches) Perfect for smaller items. 4 Medium Bags (15.75 X 23.75 inches) Carry-On Sized. 4 Large bags (19.75 X 27.5 inches) Fit larger, bulkier items. 10 Secure-lock Zip-clips for easy zipper sealing. AIRTIGHT AND WATERTIGHT Protect your items from the elements & household critters. Ideal for keeping moist or wet clothing away from luggage - extra tight seal keeps your garments Clean & Odor free. THE PERFECT GIFT THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! Use our compression bags for travel, at home, or anywhere in between. Function as a roll up protective, compression storage bags, and travel space-savers. BUY NOW with Confidence - 100% LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

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