Marble Mazes - The Original Toy Company Marble Maze Building Set, 45-piece

Our NEW Marble Maze is the ultimate intriguing set in Marble Runs , all of these bright colored pieces all connect together to make endless runs for your 10 Marbles. The set contains a revolving paddle wheel , tubes , bases ,snake pass with ringing bell , curves and chutes. The set will provide the Marble Maze builder with many simple or challenging alternates. Constructed of high quality material, this set will last for generations to come. The Marbles will roll down the maze disappearing into the many columns and the different variety of routes the builder creates: Contents - 45 Piece set. Age - 4 + years. Safety Warning - Not suitable for Children under 36 months. Contains small parts (GLASS MARBLES) which could represent a choking hazard to young children: WARNING - Not suitable for children under 3 because of small balls. Features: 45 Brightly colored pieces. Includes 10 marbles, paddle wheel, tubes, bases, snake pass with bell, curves and chutes. Many simply or challenging alternatives. Ages 4-8.

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