Lego Military Minifigures - 12 Swat Special Forces Figures Including Flags & Symbols And Military Accessories (lego Compatible)

Our brand, "Smart Builder" has been in the making of this set for a while to make the BEST of the BEST set just for you! We have created a set that will last years, will be loved for long and is always fun to play with - with a budget friendly price point! This set appeals to younger & older, Encourages creativity, will last you, is great for school and for homes, is easily accessible, and the best part is - it brings family and friends together! This set encourages sharing, constructive play, develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It allows your creativity and imagination to explore. This set includes 12 different SWAT figures. stickers and a lot of accessories. Including guns, flappers, and so much more. This is all you need to have the game rolling. The possibilities are endless and the fun just never stops. It's a great set for one to play on his own, or with a friend. Bring the SWAT forces to the rescue! This set is 100% compatible with Lego. It works with all Lego blocks, and anything else Lego related. Recommended for ages 5 and up, perfectly made for little hands or big hands to play with. It's affordable and made of the best. Kids and even adults will not want to stop playing, with this set, the SMILES are ALWAYS there. Just perfect for any Lego lover! 12 SWAT Special forces figures Including Flags & Symbols and military accessories (Lego Compatible)"

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