Jimmy Neutron Video Game - Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (jewel Case) - Pc

In Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius kids hang with the teenage super genius, his best friend Carl Wheezer, and his trusty robotic dog Goddard. Play through six huge levels, including Jimmy Neutron's school, his neighborhood, Retroland, Retroland's power plant and its amusement park, and a final secret level. A slew of cool gadgets are at the ready, like Jimmy's shrink-ray gun, his jetpack backpack, a rocket ship, the Goddard scooter, and more. Jet, drive, and even hop around in a gravity bubble. Based on the animated film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, kids unlock movie clips as they complete various levels. Remember: it's just a day's work for your average, teenage super genius, who's still gotta be in bed by nine.

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