Imaginarium Lego Table - Silicone Candy Mold Ice Cube Tray For Lego Chocolate Gummies Crayon Soap - Set Of 5

Tired of poor quality molds that make your ice taste weird or lose their shape when handling HOT liquids? Frustrated of trying to pop out that perfect chocolate man, but always destroying him in the process? Fret no more, because our colorful 5 piece COMPLETE set of Silicone Lego Duplo bricks and MiniFigures mold trays are guaranteed to bring you and your loved ones plenty of fun in the kitchen. Make use of your creative imagination to make Lego Duplo Bricks and Minifigure Robots for any occasions or simply because you want to eat some Legos! WHAT YOU WILL GET: - YELLOW color tray makes 10 Lego Duplo bricks (each measuring 2.5 x 5 x 1.5 cm) - BLUE color tray makes 8 small Lego man (each measuring 4cm in height) - GREEN color tray makes 1 big Lego man (9cm in height) and 4 small Lego man (each measuring 4.5cm in height) - RED color tray makes 7 Lego Duplo bricks (various sizes) - ORANGE color tray makes 10 Lego Duplo bricks (various sizes) WHY BUY FROM US: Our trays are made of 100% PURE SILICONE and certified standard approved by FDA, SGS and LFGB - Do the pinch or twist test and you will see that there is no white color showing up, which means no plastic fillers!! QUALITY TESTED IN USA We are extremely happy with the POSITIVE REVIEWS that our satisfied customers have given us and we're confident that as soon as you receive your set of molds, you'll be delighted too! GET YOURS TODAY WITH OUR 100% MONEY BACK, no questions asked GUARANTEE. Click Add to Cart now to avoid disappointment and enjoy the benefits of these amazing molds in your kitchen!

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