Harry Potter Figurines - Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Porcelain Figurine Set

Brand new and mint. These are very difficult sets to find. The figures were sold inside little cakes in France and you didn't know which one you would get - the entire set is very rare. These are miniature porcelain figures. Have you heard of the story of the King's Bean or the Bean bread at Mardi Gras? The story and tradition is that you bring a bread to a party and bake one of these pieces inside the bread or cake - who ever gets the tiny figurine in their slice, "wins" and is King for the evening - they typically wear a paper crown and then it is their turn to bake the bread or cake for the next gathering. These are highly collectable and impossible to find. We have others available individually. All brightly colored, and glossy. (others are a matt finish) Not recommended for small children - because of their size these are a choking hazard! If you buy you agree that you understand these may be a choking hazard if used in cooking and do so at your own risk.

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