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Purchase Today, and Receive a Free Gift: A link to a Video " New Study Reveals #1 Dead Simple Strategy To ADD 48-Feet Of Batted Ball Distance Instantly - and it's NOT in the Hips" 100+ Sold To Date on Amazon, 100% Satisfaction This Rotational Hitting Trainer has been designed to help the hitter Create Bat Speed. Allows The Hitter To Progressively Adjust The Device To Work Toward Increasing their Bat Speed. The audible sound produced lets the hitter know when their maximum speed occurred and how fast that swing was. This allows the coach and player to monitor when max bat speed was Generated and How Fast it was! Unlike other trainers, The Swing Blaster is attached to your bat in seconds and can be used during Soft Toss and Tee Work On YOUR OWN BAT! When you hear the audible click produced by the Swing Blaster before ball contact is made, you know when and where your Max Bat Speed was generated n the swing plane. At the plate, you will know exactly how to reproduce those perfect mechanics and become a great and confident hitter consistently! Builds confidence, optimizes your swing technique for maximum power. Swing Smarter, Swing Faster, Swing Blaster! Listing is for sale of ONE Swing Blaster Unit. Patent Pending, Made In USA! "I have been a baseball coach for 39 years and this is my passion. My teams are some of the most successful teams in the area. I used The Swing Blaster with four boys this weekend ages 6-8-13-18. The boys were able to tell instantly if they were making the correct swing with the Swing Blaster on their game bats. I really enjoyed that you could use just one swing blaster for kids of all ages by simply adding or removing spacers. Awesome product." - Coach Daniel Flores, TX "Focuses on getting the barrel on pitch-plane asap. Gives hitter the ability to hit pitches harder, you can use The Swing Blaster to take live batting practice and it's made in USA". - Joey Myers, CA www.hittingperformancelab.com

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