Elvis Figurine - Elvis Barbie Collectible Collector Edition Doll Featuring In White Eagle Jumpsuit Timeless Treasures Elvis Presley Collection

Elvis trivia buffs will know immediately what the white eagle jumpsuit represents. For those who don't, it's what he wore during the "Aloha in Hawaii" concert, which is considered to be the most memorable performance of his career. This January 14, 1973, event was beamed via satellite to over a billion people worldwide. Elvis commissioned the American eagle design specifically for this show, with his intent to deliver his patriotic message worldwide. The white jumpsuit has eagle designs on the chest and sleeves and even an eagle belt buckle. Other details include flared sleeves, legs with red inset panels, a large standup collar, white boots, and a red scarf . Stick the included microphone in his hand, and you can almost hear him singing, "Hound Dog." --Diane Tuman

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