Digimon Adventure Game - Digital Monster Card Game Returns Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Set

1999 - Trading card game Premium Bandai series of "digital monster card game" with the motif of digital monster that has been deployed by 2005. Anime to commemorate the "Digimon Adventure" 15 weeks a year, is the anniversary merchandise. Excerpt "Digital Monster Card Game" in "Digimon Adventure" TV appears in the anime-theater version of "Digimon" and the item card from within was released card in the past, reprinted in the specification that the image of the time of the product. In addition, card and using the new illustrations drawn by the official illustrator was including Mr. Kenji Watanabe, also recorded a large number so far in recent years of Digimon new card was not be be carded. In addition, key items that appeared in the "Digimon Adventure" drama, special binder of design that mimics the "Digimon analyzer" also enclose.

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