Dexter Mug - Deiss® Pro Stainless Steel Spatula With Wooden Handle - Slotted Bbq Turner - Perfect For Grilling, Scraping, Turning Meat, Mixing Scrambled Eggs, Flipping Burgers - Comfortable Bamboo Handle

This turner will become your best kitchen helper We all need plastic and silicone utensil set to protect nonstick cookware, but we also need a metal spatula for traditional pans, where thick plastic just won't do. Meet your new favorite tool - the Deiss Stainless Steel Turner with Wooden Handle! It's perfect for everyday cooking tasks like sauteing, turning, stirring, mixing or barbecue. The sturdy stainless steel turner can easily hoist the heaviest loads. And thanks to the wooden handle, you can safely leave the turner near hot cookware and not burn yourself when picking up the turner with bare hands. The Deiss turner is thinner and sturdier than its plastic counterparts. Slots on the spatula reduce the friction of the food across the head, making it easier to slide the head under food. Extremely easy to clean and store The Deiss bbq turner is a real find for small kitchens and people who love to save space. The turner can be hung on a hook in small kitchens, or on a magnetic strip for ease of access while cooking. It won't take up much space in your drawer, unlike a pile of disposable plastic spatulas. You won't have problems with cleaning up. The stainless steel turner is easier to clean than plastic gadgets - it's usually enough to just wipe it with warm water. Top Benefits ✓ Ergonomic wood handle for comfortable support✓ Durable rust-resistant head✓ Ideal for flipping burgers, mixing scrambled eggs, sauteing veggies and more✓ Hanging hole makes storage easy Lifetime Guarantee Deiss Kitchenware provides a lifetime guarantee on all its product series. Scroll up, click "Add to cart" and start your taste revolution!

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