Clifford Episodes - Clifford Cleans His Room/and Baby Makes Four

In the wake of the apocalyptic obliteration of 31st-century civilization, the fate of humankind hinges on one chaotic battle as the remnants of civilization flee to a new home. A faceless aggressor, without warning or known provocation, sent a rain of fusion bombs and kinetic lances from the void that cracked the Federal Republic’s worlds and smashed its scattered fleets. Out of the violence and chaos that claimed the lives of many trillions, a hope for the future emerged. A small cohort of the powerful and wealthy were prepared, and a great cultural lifeship, the Carpathia, was already escaping their apocalypse. However, its secret was not kept. Thousands of ships followed Carpathia out of the fires that consumed Earth in a centuries-long interstellar trek in the hope of a promised new home: Arcadia. Tensions, new and ancient, inevitably give rise to strife. Conflicts, both internal and external, could undo the hope offered by the New Earth Project. The fight for Arcadia will be brutal, and its new residents still know, foremost in their minds, that the ultimate question of whom--or what--was responsible for the near-complete obliteration of the Federal Republic remains unanswered.

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