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RIMSports' Knee Sleeves made from 5mm and 7mm (Black) neoprene material. They lend support to painful knees and relieves moderate and severe knee pain. Our squatting sleeves keeps knees nice and warm and provides essential stability. They are currently sold individually and are excellent for running, weightlifting, powerlifting, biking, snatching, crossfit,etc...Using a knee sleeve results in less pain and swelling during and after performance. Lifting weights, moving furniture, carrying heavy objects, and lifting progressively heavier items literally grinds the kneecap onto itself. Our RIMSports' Knee Sleeves provide the support necessary for performing squats, the snatch, or the clean and jerk. Any time your knee is left weak or vulnerable, it is at great risk for damage. Let us help you take care of your knees for years to come! Care Suggestions Hand or machine wash (cold permanent press). Turn sleeve inside out and let air dry. Wash sleeves at least once a month. Use gentle detergent, dish soap, or baby shampoo. Do not place sleeves in the dryer.

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