Big Hero 6 Toys Walmart - Neoprene Lunch Tote Bag Large Size By Fashneo ● Machine Washable Insulated Lunch Bag ● Eco Friendly Lunch Boxes For Adults And Kids ● High Quality Insulated Lunch Box [13 X 13 X 7 Inches]

Large neoprene multi-purpose bag designed for you! Why is this the bag you just can't live without? ✔ VERY ROOMY (store 3 lunch containers of 1 quart each), ✔ HIGH QUALITY for durable use, ✔ INSULATED by NEOPRENE - the 4 mm extra-thick neoprene material ensures that food and drinks maintain their temperature for hours, depending on the outside temperature, ✔ ECO FRIENDLY - helps you to protect the environment, ✔ QUALITY ZIPPER and STITCHING, ✔ MACHINE-WASHABLE - no stress about spills,✔ UNIQUE - fashionable, elegant and stylish. Express your individuality and stand out from the crowd. Wide range of uses - at work, school, shopping, camping, beach or as a baby bag for carrying your lunches, snacks, baby toys or other accessories. By purchasing, you'll be taking a step ahead and will receive a high quality and very roomy neoprene lunch bag. But that's not all. As a FREE GIFT, you'll also receive an eBOOK with 10 ideas for quick and simple lunches. FASHNEO offers you only the best, so if for any reason you're not absolutely thrilled with your purchase, you'll receive a full refund or replacement, because satisfaction on both sides is the only winning combination. Manufacturer's guarantee only offered for neoprene lunch bag purchased directly from manufacturer FASHNEO. Enjoy life with FASHNEO and order your fashionable neoprene lunch bag by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button.

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