Bean Bag Pillow - Jaxx Bean Bags Saxx Bean Bag Floor Pillow, 3.5-feet, Velvet Twill, Slate

Our most popular bag, the pillow Saxx is for those looking for variety in their lounging options. Like having one gigantic pillow, it molds around you to suit your style. In the 3.5' Size, it works as a room floor pillow when flat with plenty of room to relax and up against the wall it provides the perfect position for reading. Plus, it is easy to store under a bed or table when not in use-not that you will ever want to leave this platform of peacefulness. We stuff our Saxx with ECOFOAM and cover it in the finest, most breathable materials. When it gets dirty just throw the cover in the wash and it's good as new. care Instructions for velvet twill cover: machine wash with cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Fluff as needed.

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