Adventure Force Toy Guns - Adventure Force Scorpion Motorized Gatling Dart Blaster Toy

Kids can get prepared for battle with the Scorpion Gatling Blaster. They can set up a plan, map out a zone and organize for an attack. The toy is very detailed and offers tons of adventurous fun. The dart blaster is capable of shooting soft foam projectiles across the couch or past the backyard bushes up to 80 feet. It features a fully automatic motorized rotating barrel with rapid-fire action and includes a 20-round ammo belt and 20 foam darts. Wage a dart battle in a living room, back yard, bedroom or other places where there's room for a crowd. Tykes can gather their friends to create a mission and play for hours. When the neighborhood kids see you with the toy blaster gun, they will know you are serious about play. Excite your kids this season with this fascinating toy. The Scorpion Gatling Blaster will keep children actively engaged inside or out.

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